Our Process.

We use an analytical approach based on fundamental and technical data to pick stocks. With a conservative, medium to long term approach, stocks are identified with the prospect of doubling every three to five years. (It must be noted, however, that future gains cannot be guaranteed. There is inherent risk in all investments, even when relatively conservative strategies are applied.)
With our process we strive to make sure that you are adequately prepared for today, and the future. Financial security is a gift for you and your loved ones. Taylor Goddard Investments stands ready to help you make the right choices to last a lifetime.

Our approach starts with communication. We seek to understand the goals, timeline and risk tolerance for you, then help you set forth a plan to meet those goals head-on. Our investment management is customized for your needs and we seek to provide financial security for everyday living.

Investment Strategies:

Portfolios vary for different clients, depending upon their objectives and situations. Generally, long-term capital appreciation is sought. Diversification among industries is used in the construction of portfolios. Short sales, options, and margin are rarely used except at client's request.

We invest mainly in exchange-listed securities, mutual funds, ETFs and in corporate bonds and CDs. If appropriate, we will buy municipal bonds and government bonds. We will help you with your existing variable annuities and may help buy fixed annuities, in the rare case that they are appropriate. We try to keep costs down and have an incentive to do so.

We set goals with clients for a balance of stocks and fixed income taking liquidity needs into consideration. We believe in diversification within the portfolios. We use the candidate list (described above) to buy stocks for the portfolios. We use no-load, no-transaction fee mutual funds to invest both the stock and fixed income portions of the portfolios.

We buy the stocks with the intent of holding for at least a year, but will sell earlier if our sell targets are met.

Method of Analysis:

First, stocks are screened for financial strength. The fundamentals of those stocks passing the financial screen are computerized. The goal is to find profitable companies with excellent growth prospects, which are undervalued. We use our proprietary system of fundamental analysis to choose what stocks to buy. We then apply technical analysis to find when to buy those stocks.

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